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Defending life is much more than picketing in Washington D.C., although events like the March for Life do play a crucial role in framing the pro-life debate in America. It includes the places where we volunteer, the media that we endorse and immerse ourselves in, and the time that we spend with the elderly in our lives. It involves supporting adoption, serving in nursing homes, and loving children with different abilities. It is a choice that we all must make daily.

These and other topics will be featured on this blog, in the form of news articles, opinion papers, and interviews, among others. Over the next six weeks in particular, I will post my articles from my internship with Life News, an independent pro-life news agency.

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Yet you are he who took me from the womb; you made me trust you at my mother’s breasts. On you was I cast from my birth, and from my mother’s womb you have been my God. Psalm 22:9-10


California Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion Depicts Women as Stupid

State   Indya Rennie   Mar 17, 2018   |   8:19AM    Washington, DC

A California law that forces pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise abortions is insulting on many levels.

First and foremost, it insults women, as lawyers with Alliance Defending Freedom pointed out.

Arguing against the constitutionality of the law, the legal organization wrote in a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court: “California’s arguments about preventing confusion sound in paternalism and exude a low view of women navigating unplanned pregnancies. The state assumes these women are unable to make phone calls, search the internet, or ask basic questions of prospective service providers.”

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Woman Says: If Planned Parenthood Didn’t Abort My Baby, I Would Have Killed Him

Opinion   Indya Rennie   Mar 15, 2018   |   7:29AM    Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona’s Senate Bill 1394, introduced Tuesday, prompted some pro-abortion activists to invoke a fear of an inauguration of a dictatorial society.

Dressed as characters from the dystopian story “The Handmaid’s Tale,” these women suggested that the bill, which would require abortion clinics to ask detailed questions of their patients before performing the abortion, will significantly curtail women’s so-called “right” to an abortion, Cronkite News reports.

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Judges on “Top Chef” Finale Wear Lapel Pins Supporting Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

National   Indya Rennie   Mar 9, 2018   |   2:41PM    Washington, DC

People often derive their worldview and news information from television celebrities. That is why celebrities have a unique opportunity to use their platform to impact millions of Americans.

Perhaps “Top Chef” judges Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Graham Elliot and Jonathan Waxman understood that when they proudly wore Planned Parenthood pins on the cooking show for 3.02 million viewers to see. Each of the judges is a high profile, celebrity chef with restaurants in major cities, best-selling cookbooks or regular appearances on TV.

“I’ve been supporting @PPFA for a long, long time and want to thank @BravoTopChef for letting me showcase them tonight. #PlannedParenthood #TopChef” show host Padma Lakshmi tweeted on March 8.

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Nurse Wants to Kill Babies in Abortion But Her State Only Allows Doctors to Do That

State   Indya Rennie   Mar 9, 2018   |   12:29PM    Helena, MT

A Montana lawsuit demonstrates that the abortion industry is more concerned about expanding abortion than protecting women.

On March 8, Helen Weems petitioned a Montana district court to suspend a state law that only allows physicians and physician assistants to perform abortions, Montana Public Radio reports. Although Weems’ clinic performs abortions, it would be a felony for her to conduct the procedure, because she is a nurse.

The oral arguments for this case took place at the courthouse in the Lewis and Clark County District, according to Kpax.

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Baby Born With “Horn” Growing From His Head Proves Life is Beautiful

International   Indya Rennie   Mar 2, 2018   |   5:48PM    Washington, DC

Even with part of his brain outside of his head, seven-week-old Nhel Jhon Prado is a bundle of joy.

Nhel was born in Manila, Philippines with encephalocele, a rare condition in which the skull fails to fuse completely in the womb, allowing part of the brain to protrude from the gap, Daily Mail reports. Nhel’s growth juts from the top of his head, and it prompted his mother, 20-year-old Angel Puerto, to give him a nickname.

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Woman Aborts Two Babies Just Because They Had Cystic Fibrosis

International   Indya Rennie   Feb 28, 2018   |   4:41PM    London, England

After breast cancer, two miscarriages, and two abortions, Vicky Fryer finally gave birth to her son Abe on Jan. 19, 2017, the Dailymail reports.

Her miscarriages were a result of the breast cancer, and she chose the abortions because her unborn babies tested positive for cystic fibrosis.

Fryer’s heart-wrenching journey began when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2009. Both of her breasts were removed, and she underwent chemotherapy. Vicky and Chris were warned, however, that the chemotherapy would potentially damage her eggs. They decided to fertilize her eggs outside of the womb and freeze the resulting embryos, according to the report.

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Pro-Life Advocate Carol Tobias Talks About the #1 Pro-Life Goal in 2018 and How to Stop Abortion

National   Indya Rennie   Feb 23, 2018   |   7:24PM    Washington, DC

From North Dakota to Washington D.C., Carol Tobias has been defending life since her childhood. Now the president of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), Tobias is a leading advocate for laws in both state and federal legislatures that defend the unborn. NRLC is one of the oldest and largest pro-life organizations in the United States.

In an interview Thursday with LifeNews, Tobias explained her personal journey in the pro-life movement, including her connection to former NRLC president Mildred Jefferson, who made history in the United States as the first African American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. Tobias also discussed the goals of NRLC for 2018.

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Abortion Activists Put Up Giant, Glowing Uterus Sign in Downtown Hollywood

Opinion   Indya Rennie   Feb 28, 2018   |   11:39AM    Washington, DC

Whatever happened to “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world?”

The cradle in a woman’s body, designed to nurture the world’s future leaders for nine months, is artistically depicted on a sign in West Hollywood, LA Magazine reports. The artwork, a neon sculpture of a uterus with fiberglass boxing gloves substituted for ovaries, was unveiled on Feb. 27 and will be lit for a year.

But the artist, Zoë Buckman, isn’t interested in ruling the world. Instead, she settles for the idea of ruling her own body.

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Former NFL Player Seeks Custody of Disabled Son He Tried to Kill Before Birth

National   Indya Rennie   Feb 23, 2018   |   4:29PM    Charlotte, NC

Saundra Adams’ wish to have her grandson Chancellor get to know his incarcerated father may come true, but not in the way that she expected.

After 18 years of denial, former NFL player Rae Carruth finally apologized in a letter for initiating the murder of his then-pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams, Crimeonline.com reports. He now wants custody of his son, Chancellor, who has cerebral palsy because of the murder and his traumatic birth, according to the report.

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South Koreans Gather 1 Million Signatures to Keep Abortion Illegal as Winter Olympics Captivate the World

International   Indya Rennie   Feb 23, 2018   |   1:44PM    Seoul, South Korea

Abortion activists gathered about 230,000 signatures calling for the legalization of abortion in South Korea, but the South Korean Catholic Church submitted a 1,005,000-name petition on Feb. 12 in response.

There has been a move to repeal South Korea’s 59-year ban on abortions in response to the rising number of single mothers in their modernizing society, UCA news reports.

UCA previously reported the South Korean government was compelled by law to issue an official statement when more than 200,000 names were submitted to the presidential homepage on Oct. 29 calling for the law to be abolished.

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