Indya Rennie is a homeschool graduate majoring in Government Policy at Liberty University. She is an author, speaker, and teacher. Indya published her first book titled Dayspring: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made when she was thirteen years old. She also authored "G.O.O.D. Times," a quarterly newsletter, for four years.


Indya has been a featured speaker at university classes, luncheons, a pro-life fundraiser, and events sponsored by the American Legion, among others.  She currently mentors children in the art of forensic speech and debate. In addition, she enjoys volunteering for organizations, such as C.E.R.T.S Inc. and Easter Seals, that serve disadvantaged populations. She also teaches piano and music theory to students as young as three years old. Indya is passionate about issues that affect families, including protecting life from conception and preserving parental rights. She is intrigued with how certain facets of popular culture affect her generation. Indya lives with her family in Delaware.